A second earthquake was felt by residents in various parts of Pretoria

This comes after the first earthquake with a 5.2 magnitude was felt earlier on Monday morning at about 05:08. Emergency services spokesperson, Johan Pieterse said that he received messages of a second earthquake, but has no official report yet.

“It was so strong the chandeliers in the house rattled. It lasted about eight seconds,” said Isabel Mclaren of Menlo Park.

“I felt my whole couch shake. At first I didn’t know what was going on. It was the strangest feeling,” said Alet Grobler from Daspoort.

People from Wonderboom reported that they felt it very strong and that they ran into the streets.

Centurion residents also experienced a light tremor that continued for less than a minute. A single mother close to the Unitas hospital watched as the chandelier was shaking from the ceiling. “We must pray that it does not get worse.”

A resident from Lyttelton, Herman Pieters said that he felt something shake. “I thought for a moment that it was something under my chair, then I saw the lights shake.”

The magnitude of the second earthquake is not yet known at this stage.

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